House Rules


Emergency Phone

  • Please call  603-512-9695 (Stu Lewin) by 7:30AM if you’re going to be late or can’t make it.  Thanks! Please be there by 8AM because the FIRST can’t generate match schedules until we know who is present.  Thanks!

Game Specific Rules

  • In order to help keep that Halloween spirit flowing, we’re adding a “Great Pumpkin” game object.
    • A Great Pumpkin (Orange Aerial Assist “Medicine Ball”) will be placed in the center of the FIELD prior to the start of the MATCH. At the end of the Teleop period, an ALLIANCE will be awarded a free Climb if the Great Pumpkin is in contact with the carpet/tape between their BASE LINE and their ALLIANCE WALL, and not in contact with any other carpet. An individual ALLIANCE cannot score more than three (3) climbs in a single MATCH.
      • The committee reserves the right to stop this at any point in the competition.
      • As with all rules, the decision of the referee is final.
  • G13 is changed from a TECH FOUL to a FOUL.
  • Each of the five fuel hoppers will be initially loaded for the match start with about 50
    fuels. [This is consistent with Section 4.2, but we are saying that the +/- tolerance is
    further relaxed from 2].
  • All other rules will be defined in the official game manual!


  • Halloween themed decorations/costumes are encouraged on both the robot and team, so long as it doesn’t damage or interfere with game play.
  • Safety, as always, is of the utmost importance. Safety glasses are required in the queuing area and while in the gym to compete, and shall be worn in the pits and when otherwise around the robots. We won’t have any extras, so make sure your team brings enough for participants.
  • The limit of team members queuing in the hall with the robot will be kept to no more than 5 (Drive Team, Coach, and 1 other), and only 4 (Drive Team and Coach) in the Gymnasium.
  • The robot will conform to all FIRST building and safety guidelines as given for this year’s game.
  • All FIRST game rules, Gracious Professionalism, etc. apply.
  • All robots will need to pass a “radio check” and cursory safety inspection before competing.

Elimination Alliance Selection Process – The “GREAT PUMPKIN” Selection Process

  • We will choose 11 alliances (33 teams) at the conclusion of the qualifying rounds (subject to modification if one or more of the scheduled teams fail to show up or are no longer able to compete due to problems with their robots).
  • All teams, except the top seed, will have their team number in the “Great Pumpkin”. The top seed will select its first partner by drawing a team number from the “Great Pumpkin”. The second seed will then select from the “Great Pumpkin” and so forth for the remaining ten seeds.
    • If a top seeded team draws another top seeded team, the drawn team will have
      the opportunity to accept or decline without incurring a penalty. If they accept,
      #11 becomes #10, #12 becomes #11, etc.
  • In the Second Round, each alliance will have 20 seconds to select a third partner from the remaining teams. The highest seed selects first, then the second seed and so forth for the remaining ten seeds.
    • If they exceed the 20 second limit, the Emcee will make the third selection by drawing a team number from the “Great Pumpkin” until the first team not already on an alliance is selected. The process will continue until all eleven elimination alliances are complete.

Elimination Rounds Process

  • At the conclusion of the alliance selection, we will have three sudden death elimination matches to narrow the field to the standard FIRST format eight alliances.
    • #8 vs. #9, #7 vs. #10 and #6 vs. #11
    • Highest scoring alliance of the match wins and moves on as #8, #7 and #6 alliance respectively.
  • In total, twenty-four teams will comprise the eight final elimination alliances. The
    remaining teams will be placed on “standby” to replace a disabled robot.The affected alliance can select any remaining robot as their replacement partner.
  • The remaining elimination rounds are of the standard FIRST format for the game.

House Keeping

  • Bring Safety Glasses. WEAR THEM. 
  • Bring an extension cord, power strips, radios and the usual competition paraphernalia.

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