House Rules(old)


*** Anything new will be highlighted in orange! ***

Emergency Phone

  • Please call  603-512-9695 (Stu Lewin) by 7:30AM if you’re going to be late or can’t make it.  Thanks! Please be there by 8AM because the FIRST can’t generate match schedules until we know who is present.  Thanks!

Game Specific Rules

  • In order to help keep that Halloween spirit flowing, we’re adding a “Pumpkin” game object.
      • Two “PUMPKINs” (orange CARGO with an alliance colored stripe), one per ALLIANCE, will be placed in one of the ALLIANCE’S PORTALS. During the final 30 seconds of a match, team members may enter their ALLIANCE PUMPKIN onto the field, following H7 and H8. If an ALLIANCE scores their PUMPKIN into a ROCKET BAY, the ALLIANCE will be awarded a HAB Climb Bonus equivalent to the level of the ROCKET loaded (e.g. loading a ROCKET BAY at level 2 will score a HAB Climb Bonus: Level 2)
        • The requirement that only one (1) CARGO score per BAY is waived for the PUMPKIN. The PUMPKIN may score in a BAY which also contains a scored CARGO. Teams should note that the HATCH PANELS may not hold the weight of both a CARGO and PUMPKIN and ALLIANCES are responsible for any HATCH PANELS which come loose due to this.
        • Teams may still score a HAB Climb Bonus via physically achieving the HAB Climb Bonus as defined in the GAME MANUAL.
        • An individual ALLIANCE cannot score more than three (3) CLIMBs in a single MATCH. If all three (3) ROBOTs physically achieve the HAB Climb Bonus in addition to the ALLIANCE scoring the Pumpkin Bonus, the largest three bonuses will be scored.
          • Example: An ALLIANCE has two (2) ROBOTS achieve a HAB Climb Bonus: Level 2, one (1) ROBOT achieve a HAB Climb Bonus: Level 1, and a PUMPKIN in ROCKET BAY level 3. The ALLIANCE will score 24 points of HAB Climb Bonus (the Level 1 HAB Climb Bonus will be discarded).
        • The Committee reserves the right to stop this at any point in the competition; however, if able it will be suspended as close to a “round” boundary as possible and communicated at least 2 total matches in advance.
  • As with all rules, the HEAD REFEREE is ultimate authority in the ARENA.
  • There will be no “Sandstorm” period (we are not even installing them).  Teams may “Teleop” the entire match.
  • All other game rules will be as defined in the official manual.


  • In keeping with our tradition of Halloween themed decorations/costumes, they are encouraged on both the robot and team, so long as it doesn’t damage or interfere with gameplay.
  • Safety, as always, is of the utmost importance. Safety glasses are required in the queuing area and while in the gym to compete, and shall be worn in the pits and when otherwise around the robots. We won’t have any extras, so make sure your team brings enough for participants.
    • (NEW) For RR23, you will be denied access to the pits without safety glasses, and will be asked to leave if you don’t have them. There is a Home Depot and Harbor Freight close to the school, allowing for purchase if your team doesn’t have enough.
  • The limit of team members queuing in the hall with the robot will be kept to no more than 6 (Drive Team, Coach, and 1 other), and only 5 (Drive Team and Coach) in the Gymnasium.
  • Other than tools that fit on the robot cart or can be hand carried by the 5 members of the Drive Team, no other contents of the pits may be moved to any of the queuing areas at any time during the competition.
  • The robot will conform to all FIRST building and safety guidelines as given for this year’s game.
  • All FIRST game rules, Gracious Professionalism, etc. apply.
  • All robots will need to pass a “radio check” and cursory safety inspection before competing. Radio stickers must be affixed to robot radio and visible without removing the radio.

Elimination Alliance Selection Process – The “GREAT PUMPKIN” Selection Process

  • We will choose 8 alliances (up to 32 teams) at the conclusion of the qualifying rounds (subject to modification if one or more of the scheduled teams fail to show up or are no longer able to compete due to problems with their robots). Each alliance will consist of 4 robots.
  • All teams, except the top seed, will have their team number in the “Great Pumpkin”. The top seed will select its first partner by drawing a team number from the “Great Pumpkin”. The second seed will then select from the “Great Pumpkin” and so forth for the remaining six seeds.
    • If a top-seeded team draws another top-seeded team, the drawn team will have the opportunity to accept or decline without incurring a penalty. If they accept, each seeded team moves up one place, and the eighth seed is chosen from the highest remaining teams.
  • In the Second Round, each alliance will have 20 seconds to select a third partner from the remaining teams. The highest seed selects first, then the second seed and so forth for the remaining six seeds.
    • If they exceed the 20-second limit, the Emcee will make the third selection by drawing a team number from the “Great Pumpkin” until the first team not already on an alliance is selected. The process will continue until all eight elimination alliances are complete.
  • In the Third Round, each alliance will have 20 seconds to select a third partner from the remaining teams.  The lowest seed selects first, then the 7th seed and so forth for the remaining six seeds.
    • If they exceed the 20 second limit, the Emcee will make the fourth selection by drawing a team number from the “Great Pumpkin” until the first team not already on an alliance is selected.  The process will continue until all eight elimination alliances are complete.
    • A team chosen for the alliance in this round may not decline unless they wish to be removed from consideration for selection completely.

Elimination Rounds Process

  • In total, up to 32 teams will comprise the eight elimination Alliances.  There will be no “standby” teams to act as replacements for disabled robots.  If an Alliance should suffer two failed robots during the elimination matches, the affected Alliance must play matches with only two (2) (or even (1)) robot.
  • The elimination rounds use the the standard FIRST format for the game.
  • Between the first and second Quarterfinal elimination match, a rotation is required so that all four robots compete (three robots will have two matches, and one robot will have one match).  If a tie breaker third Quarterfinal elimination match is required, the Alliance may select any three robots from the four making up the alliance.
    • The rotation requirement is removed after the Quarterfinal matches.
    • Alliances may choose their Lineup (i.e., teams and their drive station positions) per Section 12.10 of the Game Manual.  The Queuers will provide the paper slips generated by the FMS to the Alliance Captain, and the filled in forms will be returned to the Head Referee.


  • Bring an extension cord, power strips, radios and the usual competition paraphernalia.
  • In the interest of safety, scooters, hoverboards, skateboards, wheeled sneakers, etc. are not allowed on school grounds. Bicycles may be chained to available racks.
  • In the interest of common sense, weapons of any kind, alcohol, illicit substances and corresponding paraphernalia are not allowed on school grounds per City of Manchester and Manchester School Board Policy.
  • Tobacco products and vapor devices are not allowed on school grounds per City of Manchester and Manchester School Board Policy.
  • Any and all of the Memorial school rules are applicable (even if you aren’t a student).  You can read the handbook here.  Also, any rules from your school/institution are applicable. All sections apply.
  • A cart and robot must easily pass through standard door openings that are 6’10”.
  • There will be a small number of RiverRage #23 event shirts available for sale in the Concession Area until they are gone.

Roaming and Loitering (reworded from last year, so “new”)
Due to a few issues that have put our use of Memorial High School facilities at risk with the Manchester School District administration we ask that you discuss the following with your team prior to the event:

  • Students are not permitted to loiter in or roam nonpublic outdoor areas around the school building.  Students should stay inside the school building with few exceptions such as getting a bit of fresh air outside the front door or picnicking outside the cafeteria during lunch. Students should always be in clear view of an adult or the general public.
  • Students are not permitted in any part of the school building that is not part of the event (cafeteria/pits, gym/field, and connecting hallway).  The queuing hallway is for moving robots and drive teams between the pits and the field ONLY. No one should be loitering in it and no one should be using the bathrooms in it for any reason.

Event Staff

  • RiverRage event staff and the Queuers will be easily identified by their bright orange shirts (not to be confused with Team 319 – BOB, although they are quite helpful), with the game logo on the front and “STAFF” on the back.  Please find one of us throughout the day if you have any questions or problems.

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