Putting together an event like RiverRage takes the time and devotion of a group of people whose numbers are bigger than one might think. Let this page be a way of thanking all who were involved.

  • To the RiverRage Planning Committee and all who helped coordinate this event.
  • To the 4-H Cooperative Extension in Hillsborough, for providing insurance for the event.
  • To the many teams who came and helped make this event as special as always.
  • To our volunteers, who gave their time so generously to help out with the event.
  • To the Head Referee, and the other referees and scorers for ensuring the integrity and sport of the game was preserved.
  • To the MC, for helping to keep the event fun and fast-paced for those in the stands.
  • To Paula Greenspan and Brian Demers, for their prompt IT support during the event.
  • To Principal Arthur L. Adamakos, for allowing us into Memorial.
  • To the Manchester Fire Department and Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office for providing detail staff.
  • To Ed Forcier, for his many years of help and leadership.

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