RiverRage 22

RiverRage 22 is in the books!

Excluding the hiccups, we had a great event this year. I really hope every team and member of the public enjoyed the event, and all the new people found the spark to join their local team. I saw problem-solving, Gracious Professionalism, and safety from my front row seat at the Pit Admin table.

The committee has met and had a debriefing at the time of writing. Teams, expect something to be sent your way in the next few days. It will include a survey, which we ask that you fill out to help us make RiverRage 23 even better. The debrief will also include a letter about the event, and addresses obvious problems (like a certain WiFi denial system). Since we know about these, please refrain from mentioning them in your survey responses.

In the interim, please check the Shout Out page to see recognition of those who helped to make the event what it was, as there was certainly many who came together that helped with the event.

Check back next May where I tell you all about RiverRage 23, and good luck to all this season!


Signing off until then,


– Pit Admin/Webmaster

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