RiverRage 25


(1) All teams need to be checked in and ready by 8:00 on Saturday so we can generate the match schedules.  If your team will be late, or you know you won’t be able to attend at all, please contact Stu Lewin at 603-512-9695 before 7:30 am.
(2) Those of you who have attended a RiverRage at Memorial the last couple of years know that we are a bit constrained in the queuing areas, and we ask that you comply with the house rules regarding number of team members allowed there and the prohibition on moving your pit during the elimination matches.
(3) All requirements regarding Safety Glasses are in effect.  Everyone should be familiar with the rules and be able to follow them without the constant reminders (especially in the pits) that always seem to come with off-season events.  This is especially important for us because of our insurance requirements for the event.
(4) We are allowing teams to pay the day of the event during registration in the morning. Cash or check will be accepted at the face value of $250, but we also have the ability to pay with Contactless (your phone) or a Square (Credit or Debit Card). Please note that for electronic payment – we are passing on the surcharge – so it will be a $256 charge. Receipts will be provided with your payment.
(5) Pizza Pre-Order is available – See the Team Update for details.
(6) We are still looking for “old” robots to go with our multi-media presentation on the last 25 years of RiverRage events … if you have one, and don’t mind bringing it with you to display for the day – please let me know.
(7) Community Outreach Donations – We are collecting at the event this year; see the Team Update for details.


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