Previous Events/History

The event is a major off-season competition for the FIRST community, seeing teams come from various locations to come and participate in a Halloween-themed take on a FIRST competition, with the same excitement as a larger-scale one. The event also benefits from being more relaxed, so the pressure isn’t too high.

The event has always been free to the public and all are encouraged to attend.

RiverRage was held when the three Manchester teams came together 21 years ago (soon to be 22) and decided that a smaller-scale, “unofficial competition” was a good idea and one which could benefit the fledgling high school robotics community.

Note from the web-guy: In light of the time this event has gone on, I would like to do more to share the story of this event, so if you have any memorable stories or any information you feel might be helpful in sharing the story of this event, please use the feedback/contact form to get in touch with me. Thanks, and good luck! -Sam

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